a gesture or position, usually of the hands, that locks and guides energy flow and reflexes to the brain


Here are some testimonials from current and former students. If you would like to leave a testimonial on this site please contact me.

I started Kundalini Yoga with Sonsoles 1 year and a half ago and I have to say that I absolutely love it, the yoga class on Saturday morning is my time to relax and disconnect.

Sonsoles enjoy teaching yoga, she makes every class different, so far we haven't done twice the same class. There is a lot of work, effort and preparation behind each class.

I strongly recommend Sonsoles's class.


I only just discovered Kundalini Yoga in November 2013 and am astounded with the changes that I have seen in my physical and emotional wellbeing. Not only has my health improved vastly (I had become quite run down physically before I discovered Kundalini) but I feel stronger in body, mind and spirit.

I now commit to doing at least 10 minutes of Kundalini Yoga every day and it even helps me out when I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed – all it takes is 5 minutes to regain my balance.

As for Sonsoles, she is an incredible teacher – a guru in the truest sense. She eases you into every class and before you know it, you’re feeling so energised and positive. She encourages you through every aspect of the class and always says the right thing to keep you motivated and connected to yourself. She has a powerful empathy which makes her such a wonderful teacher and most important of all, you know she loves Kundalinin Yoga and her love for it is contagious.

At first, I wondered if I would be able to keep going to classes due to the fact that I always enjoyed a lie in on Saturdays, but I have not missed a class since I began and I leap out of bed on a Saturday and look forward to that precious time that I get to connect with myself and the Universe. Saturday mornings are so important to me now and I leave my class with Sonsoles feeling strong, healthy, positive and radiant.


Kundalini yoga with Sonsoles on Saturday morning sheds light on my weekend. The atmosphere is very friendly and relaxing and Yoga is taught in an inspiring pace; Sonsoles pushes us gently to challenge ourselves. Definitely it is highly recommended.


Kundalini yoga is a sacred and powerful technology. Sonsoles is an inspirational teacher whose classes are fun, full of energy and open to all. The skills taught in these classes really can change lives, come and try it!